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Produk - Access Point
TP-Link WA5210G Wireless Access Point
US$ 50

TP-Link WA5210G Wireless Access Point


The TL-WA5210G features high output power and high RX sensitivity can significantly extend the transmission range to reduce dead spots and to deliver a more stable wireless connection. With integrated 12dBi dual-polarized antenna, the TL-WA5210G would help you easy to build up to 15km long range wireless link. If you have higher gain antenna, it also supports distance control from 0km to 52.6km, which breaks through distance limitations in normal 802.11g devices, enables ultra-long distance wireless transmission.

The TL-WA5210G provides three operation modes for multiple users to access the Internet: AP client router, AP router and AP. In AP client router mode, it works as a WISP CPE. In AP router mode, it can access the Internet via an ADSL/Cable Modem. In AP mode it can work in various modes, such as Access Point/Client/WDS Bridge/Repeater. With the most attentive wireless security, the TL-WA5210G provides wireless LAN 64/128bit WEP encryption security, and WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication, as well as TKIP/AES encryption security.

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